Amazing Scuba-Ace (TM) Snorkeling Mask 2017

$49.95 $98.95


Amazing Scuba-Ace (TM) Snorkeling Mask  2017

Why hundreds of families are buying the latest edition Snorkeling Mask?

  • Anti fog and shatterproof
  • Take under water action pictures with Go Pro. The only one with GoPro attachment
  • Kids and adult sizes available
  • Enjoy a good day snorkeling with your family


Product Description

  • Mask Material: Polycarbonate shatterproof PVC
  • Lining material: medical liquid silicone.
  • Color: blue, black, pink, light blue
  • Size: S/M L/XL

How to choose the size?

  • Measure the length from the Eye to Chin.
  • If the length less than 13.5cm ,Choose size S/M. (Suitbale for Junior and Adult Woman)
  • If the length equal with or over 13.5cm,Choose size L/XL(Suitable for Adult Men)
Note: The product does not include the camera!