Easy Car Dent Damage Repair

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Professionals often use these tools to remove dents that a cheap hand pulled dent remover cannot fix. Leaves no mark and car loooks like almost new. Ot is a great tool to have in your garage!

This pneumatic dent puller gives you the power and versatility of a slide hammer without damaging the finish by welding or drilling body panels.Pneumatic control creates a super-strong vacuum, making it easy to pull most dents out of panels.It requires no drilling and no welding and instantly removes most dents without damaging paint.

Requires air compressor - no drilling, welding or sanding required



Air dent puller uses air power to easily pop out large, shallow dents from automobile body. The suction cups hold the panel and the 3lb slide hammer pulls out dents without damaging the paint work. After connection of the dent puller to an air supply, the puller sucks firmly to the car body. The sliding hammer is then used to pull out the dent.

Chose from teh dent puller basic or pro version for removing impact created dents and for smaller hail damages, use the hail dent puller pro kit



Dent Puller Basic:

  1. With a shut off valve
  2. Air exhaust from the handle (connect to an air compressor) 
  3. With 1/4 inch air plug 
  4. With 1 pieces of rubber cups 4.75" 
  5. working pressure 70~170 PSI ( 5 bar ~12 bar)


Dent Puller Basic Plus:

  1. Comes with 1 x 5.2" and 1 x 4" Cup
  2. Upgraded construction
  3. Bent handle for ease of use


Dent Puller Premium:

  1. Comes with 1 x 5.2" and 1 x 4" Cup, 1 x 3" cups
  2. Premium construction


Dent Puller Professional:

  1. Our Air suction dent puller is used to repair the auto body damage. It can work by itself and there's no need to use extra items. 
  2. It must work with an air compressor. Its air working pressure is about 70~170 PSI (5 bar ~12 bar). For some small dent, 170 PSI is recommended. 
  3. The pad can work with a dent with round, and smooth surface and the pad will be sucked easily. Moreover, the range of dent must be smaller than the pads. 
  4. There are the 3LB (1.36 kgs) slidding hammer with brass shut off valve, and the 13" length inlet hose with 1/4" air plug. 
  5. With 1 pcs Adaptor and 10pcs Glue tabs for small damage repair by manual operation. 
  6. With 60w hot glue gun and 10pcs glue sticks just for PDR work. 

Standard Accessories with Dent Pulelr Professional: 

  1. 3 pcs PAD (60mm , 120mm , 150mm) 
  2. 1 pcs 13" length inlet hose 
  3. 1 pcs 1/4" PT air plug 
  4. 1 pcs Adaptor with 10pcs Glue tabs 
  5. 10 pcs φ11.2mm*L25.4cm Hot Glue Sticks (just for body repair) 
  6. 1 pcs 60W Hot Glue Gun (110V-240V


Hail Dent Puller Professional:

  • Only for small hail dent damages that cant be flattened through the larger dent pullers
  • Comes with ten piece of glue tabs, 10pcs hot glue sticks, 1 pcs 60W hot glue gun for PDR work,
  • Ideal for repair the vehicle body small damage.
  • Pneumatically controlled for ease of use with the pressure and flow control valve for safe operation. 
  • Highest quality build you can find anywhere. Should last a lifetime 
  • Operating pressure : 3 bar~10bar (0.3~1MPa) (40~145Psi) 
  • Air inlet : 1/4" PT 
  • 10 pcs glue tabs 
  • 1 pcs extension adapter 
  • 10 pcs 11.2mm*L25.4cm hot glue sticks (just for body repair) 
  • 1 pcs 60W hot glue gun (110V-240V) 
  • 1 pcs 1/4" air plug (quick coupler)