Nano Exfoliator Pad

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Flawlessly radiant soft and smooth skin is achievable without the painful experience you get from plucking, waxing and the damaging effects of chemicals on the skin. Unwanted facial and body hair will be easily removed by just rubbing this Ladies Smooth Exfoliator Pad on the area. Using this exfoliator pad in your daily beauty rituals consumes only a little of your time and takes more hair than the average epilator. With its soft rubber brush, it is gentle on the skin and easy to clean, too. Look gorgeously impeccable today! 

Thanks to the NANO state of the art materials, and you now can remove  your unwanted hair with Nano Exfoliator Pads now. 


11  pieces/lot)
1 * Travel Case
1 * Large Smooooth Legs Backing Pad
1 * Small Smooooth Legs Backing Pad
4 * Large Flex-Crystal Replacement Pads
4 * Small Flex-Crystal Replacement Pads

Material: Nano particles impregnated Soft  Natural Rubber


1.Use it before shower(on a dry skin )
2.Rub skin with this item in circular motions 
3.Wash your skin with mild soap and apply lotions if needed