Rotary Grinder Set: 5 Pieces

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  • Highest quality long lasting rotary Drill set designed For shaping wood, plastics and light alloys
  • 1/4'' (6mm) shank suitable for most electric & cordless drills
  • Used for grinding, polishing, shaping & burnishing wood surfaces
  • Includes 5 Popular Shapes: Ball, Oval, Cylinder, Large Cone, Small Cone.



  • Material:45# Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Shank diameter: 6mm
  • Shank length: 27-40mm
  • Total length: 50-60mm




  • Must be clamped during using.Cutting way is better with conventional milling to avoid reciprocating feeding.

  • Prevent scraps flying at work, please use safety glasses.

  • There are some oil on the head.

Package includes:
5 x Steel Rotary Burr